It was the 80s: Hardcore punk got too violent and started getting banned in clubs and venues, new wave died as well as the clothes and the first wave of metal became stale; we were looking for a new sound and a new look. Bored with what we knew, we ushered in Bands that lived harder and drank more than we did – bands like Hanoi Rocks, Guns N Roses, Jane's Addiction. It was freeing to be young and rock’n’roll – we changed the fashion and its rules, ran the town, set the scene and remade Melrose ave. inot our street. It was OUR time, Scenester’s in Los Angeles. This 120 minute documentary goes back to the clubs, the scenesters, and the "mover and shakers” of the time – the bands. A non-judgemental look at a musical movement that defined a generation and explained a culture. 

80 minutes
Projected release date:04.07.2017
Directed by: Desi Benjamin

"The greatest time, musical of my life in Los Angeles" Dave Navarro Jane;s aAddiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ink Master

"It was the 80's on 11" Don Bolles The Germs, 45 Grave

"it was a great place to meet girls" Taime Down Faster Pussycat


Joes Brooks-Joseph Brooks
Taime Downe-Faster Pussycat
Don Bolles - The Germs,45 Grave, Celebrity Skin, Aeriel Pink
Jet Freedom-The Nymphs
Chris Manecke-The Abecedarians
Francois Haroldson-Motorcycle Boy
Bryan Forsythe -Kix
Eden Galario-Motorcycle Boy, Eagle's Of Death Metal
Gene Trautmann The Miracle Workers
Johnny Kaplan-The Guttercats, Johnny Kaplan & The Lazy All Stars
Jimmy Ashurst - Broken Homes, Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, Buck Cherry
Abby Travis - Love Dolls, The Go-Gos, Elastica, KMFDM
Cleve A. Hall- SYFY “Monster Man"
Bernie Bernstein, Chris Bailey-The Little Kings
Bryan Small-The Hangmen
Pat Muzingo-Decry, Shanghai, Pirates Of Venus, Junkyard
Greg Steele-Faster Pussycat
Kevin Kipnis, Gahdi-Kommunity FK
Sheri Kaplan- The Pandora’s
Christopher Thorn-Blind Melon
John Carlucci-The Fuzztones
Paul Roessler-The Screamers, Nina Hagen, 45 Grave
Paul Black- L.A. Guns, The Joneses, The MauMaus
Johnny Indovina - Human Drama
Jeff Drake- The Joneses
Various artists, various scenster’s, D.J.'s, Writers, Photographers, Various Promoters

About Desi Benjamin:

Scenester, Manager, Club Promoter, A&R Executive, Desi Benjamin, L.A. native, started out in the music business as a young kid with an attitude about music, location and style. One of the first promoters to support the early days of the LA metal scene, he was profiled in the movie “Decline of Western Civilization 2: The Metal Years” and was known as the ‘guy’ who took shots on bands even as they got off the Greyhound from Iowa.
An A&R executive who worked with Virgin Records and SBK/EMI Records, Benjamin parlayed his passion for telling the untold stories of the 80s into this documentary. Be forewarned, it was a time of sex, fashion, drugs and rock’n’roll.